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Budapest, Hungary

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  • Budapest Jewish Walk synagogue-dohány-street
    The Budapest Jewish Quarter, the heritage area which was actually a ghetto during WWII, is one of the most popular places of the city with the still perceptible beautiful past.
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk Tokaji aszú
    The Jewish face of the Tokaj Region
    If you have already explored the inner parts of Budapest or if you feel like getting out of the city but do not want to go too far, my outside...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk classic
    During this tour I focus on the highlights of Budapest and at the same time I give you the details about those places, sights, people through interesting and sometimes funny...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk family-tour
    This tour has been compiled and continuously developed according to the needs of those travellers who believe that multitasking through their experience while travelling with their children is fun and...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk Esztergom-basilica
    Outside Budapest Tours
    If you have already explored the inner parts of Budapest or if you feel like getting out of the city but do not want to go too far, my outside...
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  • Frankel Street Synagogue budapestjewishwalk
    Budapest100, is an annual program series that concentrates on the architecture and history of certain different Budapest building complexes such as historic schools, offices
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  • salgotarjani cemetery budapest jewish walk
    Fall in the Salgótarjáni Cemetery
    If I had to recommend you a truly peaceful and Covid-safe place to visit in a sunny fall day which is pretty close to downtown Budapest
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  • Gardens and terraces
    It's hot, it's still safer to be outdoors because of the virus threat, so the very few travellers together with the locals choose the shady garden
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  • lavender field Balaton budapestjewishwalk
    A different summer
    The summer of 2020, after getting through the lockdown months of the so-called first wave of Covid-19, is completely different from the past summer decades.
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  • Szenes Hanna Budapest Jewish Walk
    Jewish-related Budapest statue-gems
    I adore the hidden mini statues of Mihály Kolodko, a guerilla-sculptor, a Ukranian citizen with Hungarian origins,
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  • Debbie, Eric and Alec enjoying flódni budapestjewishwalk
    What makes me feel great
    I got the following email from Deborah and it made my entire day (week..). Positive feedback for everyone! I cannot resist sharing it with all of you, I am proud.
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  • Jewish-Budapest combo tour budapestjewishwalk
    Shana Tova 5779
    I have collected some pictures showing smiles and great memories I gained during guiding You, my dear guests all around Budapest and the Hungarian countryside.
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  • ice cream moments budapest daytour budapestjewishwalk
    Summer season 2018
    A different perspective: when my travellers share their experience-based point of view
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  • Stunning lead glass in the Kazinczy shul Budapest Jewish Walk
    International Guiding Day
    21st February is called International Guiding Day. Professional tourist guides all over the world take part in this important event to draw the attention of local citizens,
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  • adventures of Budapest thermal heritage budapest jewish walk
    Hidden gems of the Buda cave systems
    Budapest is the capital of thermal waters.” That’s an often heard true sentence about our heritage
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  • Zsolnay decoration on Applied Arts Museum Budapest Jewish Walk
    Spot the colours! Zsolnay
    It might be a grey October day or another one in cold and dull January or February, not the best time to go for a walking tour you would say...
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  • The Great Synagogue was part of the ghetto Budapest Jewish Walk
    The Liberation of the Budapest Ghetto
    The Budapest Ghetto was a Nazi ghetto where tens of thousands of Jews were enclosed near the end of World War II by a decree of the Hungarian Government during...
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  • Jewishquarter szöllősi photo budapestjewishwalk
    A special day in the heart of the Jewish Quarter
    An important event, a cool festival awaits its visitors on 16 September 2017 in the most frequented and multicultural area of the historical Jewish Quarter (Erzsébetváros,
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  • Arthuska souvenir budapestjewiswalk
    An arty gem in the Jewish Quarter
    Are you the kind of traveller eager to hunt places selling unique, local handicrafts to bring from Hungary back home
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  • Needle in a haystack?
    Finding somebody’s ancestors may be extremely difficult, especially with limited amount of info. A few photographs,
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  • Family-friendly programmes budapestjewishwalk
    Child-friendly Budapest tours
    Summer time is the absolute high season for exploring Budapest with children.
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  • Frankel Street Synagogue budapestjewishwalk
    Budapest100, is an annual program series that concentrates on the architecture and history of certain different Budapest building complexes such as historic schools, offices
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  • Classic spring tour 2017 budapestjewishwalk.hu
    Budapest spring 2017
    Spring has finally arrived with the first blooming flowers; their full-of-life colours and scents in the air, giving us a clear sign to go
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  • Kazinczy street wichmann pub budapest jewish walk
    Magyar card
    The place where the unique Hungarian playing cards, the so-called “magyar kártya” deck was born in 1836 is exactly in the heart of the historical Jewish Quarter of Budapest
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  • antique books Weinberger judaica budapestjewishwalk
    Weinberger Judaica
    Weinberger is a lovely little judaica store in the heart of the so-called historical Jewish Quarter, next to the Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue. It is crammed with observance items,
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  • arioso cafè budapest jewish walk
    The best multi-purpose places in the Jewish Quarter
    When walking in the historical Jewish Quarter in Elizabethtown, the seventh district of Budapest, you will find tiny eateries, cafès and sweet stores where tables are usually on the street...
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  • Budapest Jewish walk concert Great Synagogue
    Jewish Summer Fest 2016
    The Jewish Cultural Festival in Budapest between 04-11 September is a multicultural event full of amazing programs
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk in the countryside transfer tours
    Transfer to Budapest in a different way
    Budapest and Vienna along with Prague are evergreen destinations of travellers spending at least a few days in each of these cities
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  • Panorama Danube budapest jewish walk
    What’s up on Gellért Hill?
    Planning to go for the must-sees with kids always requires to find something attractive for them as well.
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk ice cream summer fun
    What makes a great child-friendly tour?
    What makes a great child-friendly tour? The possibility for mom and dad to share parenting for a short time just to have the chance to enjoy being a traveller...
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  • children's railway fun all generations budapest jewish walk
    Fun in the Buda Hills
    Is it getting hotter and hotter? Are you planning to explore Budapest with children in your forthcoming vacation? Go for the green patches!
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk cemetery Tolmács
    Family Roots Tours
    Guiding “back to the roots” tours from time to time, I have experienced that as people are getting older, their family heritage, specifically their Jewish roots become more important to...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk decorating the Torah
    Inauguration of a Torah scroll in Nagy Fuvaros Street synagogue
    According to the tradition, if you are a Jew, you have your own letter in the Torah. So it means that you have to study the Torah for yourself, nobody...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk fun Palace district
    Exploring hidden city gems with kids
    Beautiful spring weather and the possibility of getting as much positive energy as possible from the reviving nature has given me the idea of organising more and more mixed tours
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk enviroment nature
    The child-friendly Danube Bend
    The Danube Bend is the perfect daytrip destination for those who are ready for the challenge to escape from the city to reach historic towns, beautiful scenery and untouched nature
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  • Rumbach street synagogue facade
    Status Quo Ante & The Rumbach Street Synagogue
    Soon after Hungary was granted independence in 1867 and the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was formed, the equality of Jewish citizens in their political rights was finally declared and together with the...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk alms collecting book Bikur Cholim Pápa
    Budapestjewishwalk has been picking up the pieces
    Last minute exhibition visit in the Museum of Ethnography: fragments of Rural Hungarian Jewish Culture until 18 October 2015
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk red pot traditional enamel kitchenware
    Budapestjewishwalk recommends: the best fall festival in 2015
    The Hungarian word piros (red) and lábos (pot) together stand for the name of the event Piroslábos (Red Pot) Fesztivál after the very traditional enamel kitchenware you can still meet...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk Jewish cemetery fence
    Budapestjewishwalk in the cemetery of Salgótarjáni Street
    There is an absolute hidden gem in my neighbourhood I wish to share a few things about here, and that is the Art Nouveau Jewish cemetery in Salgótarjáni Street, in...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk Peasant house Skanzen
    Skanzen life outside Budapest - be ready to explore it!
    Have more than one or two days to spend in Budapest? Why would you stay in the city if in less than an hour's drive you can reach different worlds?...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk Budapest Jewish Walk chicken paprikash typical Hungarian comfort meal
    Chicken paprikash with nokedli
    We have had a conversation about typical Hungarian comfort meals with a nice American lady, a recent guest of my Jewish tour. We found something in common, a meal which...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk fun for kids and tourists alike
    Budapest Rooftops
    Each city has several different faces. I have plenty of routes to do every day and although Budapest -just like any other cosmopolitan capitals- changes its faces pretty quickly, after...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk live music
    A tasty patch in the Jewish Quarter Szimpla Farmer's Market
    While walking in the Jewish Quarter in the 7th district of Budapest, it's hard to find a street without a so­called ruin pub. But a ruin pub with a whole...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk pancake
    Summer, kids, outdoor Budapest
    June: finally it’s been summer time! It’s hot, getting dark late and school is over. Time to look after some city-outdoor fun with your kids. Apart from ending up in...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk stumbling stones
    Stumbling Stones
    My son discovered something on the pavement of a nearby street to the City Park we were heading to have some playground-fun. Two stumbling stones there were. That’s what he...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk Cycling
    Bicycle joyride on Budapest streets
    How to make city life sustainable? Enjoyable? Fun? Thousands of people shared their concept about it on this beautiful spring Saturday. Even if you need to speed up a little...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk-teleki-tér
    I have been to a pretty interesting screening recently. Among other enthusiastic volunteers, a friend of mine, Nóra Margitta contributed in the making of it and as far as I...
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  • Budapest Jewish Walk Cross Cultural Spring 2015-7
    Budapest Jewish Walk-Cross Cultural Spring 2015
    April is one of my favourite months of the year. It is full of the long-expected spring buzz after the winter months, festivals of certain different cultures and religions are...
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