Tímea Tarjáni

Phone: +36 30 427 6699
Email: info@budapestjewishwalk.hu
21 Wesselényi Street (entrance from Nagydiófa Street)
Budapest, Hungary

Bicycle joyride on Budapest streets

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  • Budapest Jewish Walk Ride

How to make city life sustainable? Enjoyable? Fun? Thousands of people shared their concept about it on this beautiful spring Saturday. Even if you need to speed up a little bit or you make long distances every day within the city, it is not necessary to lose the rambling aspect of a walk. Hop on a bike! As a local or as a traveller in Budapest, too. You can still slow down.


City = Home
City = Life
City = Traffic
Life = Home
Home = Traffic
Life = Traffic

I Bike Budapest

Life + Home + Traffic = City
Home + City + Traffic = Life
City = Life

I Bike Budapest

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