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Exploring hidden city gems with kids

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Exploring hidden city gems with kids

Beautiful spring weather and the possibility of getting as much positive energy as possible from the reviving nature has given me the idea of organising more and more mixed tours, combining the enjoyment and buzz of a classical or a thematic city tour with the relaxing experience still found in the city. When touring with children, a thorough planning is needed to find the balance between the joyful learning about our city and its people and having fun. There are some hidden gems in everywhere, of course in Budapest as well to give you this kind of experience. One of my favourite is the Botanical Garden (called Füvészkert in Hungarian) in the 8th district where I live with my children. This place is close to the city center (just a few metro stops away) and especially gorgeous in spring time. There is always something new, something fresh. The eco-friendly playground with a real bird watching tower has just been installed and became pretty popular. Even if small kids do not have enough patience for birdwatching, they can hide a little and pretend to live in a little house in the forest, actually in a garden offering much beauty for adults, too. Isn’t it a good idea to finish a tour for some chill out in such a place?

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