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Budapest, Hungary

International Guiding Day

  • Stunning lead glass in the Kazinczy shul Budapest Jewish Walk
  • Vasváry Street Orthodox Synagogue Budapest Jewish Walk
  • Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue Budapest Jewish Walk
  • Kazinczy Orthodox Synagogue Budapest Jewish Walk
  • International Guiding Day 2018 Budapest Jewish Walk
  • Hungarian art nouveau interior design patterns Budapest Jewish Walk

International Guiding Day

21st February is called International Guiding Day. Professional tourist guides all over the world take part in this important event to draw the attention of local citizens, authorities and the media to the quality and the value of their work. Each country contributes to the success of these days in its own way. In Hungary we, tourist guides celebrate by organising and conducting tours in our mother tongue this time to all those interested locals who are open to meet their city with fresh and different eyes: a bit like a traveller. Just try it once how cool it is to be a tourist in your own place: there are so many things we do not even look at when we walk next to them day by day. Whether it is my Budapest Jewish Walk in Elisabeth Town, a Classical Pest or Buda Walk concentrating on a certain architectural style, a given district or visiting an institution, I am proud and happy to be part of the experience and I always try to share as much as possible to help people get to know and enjoy our cultural and historical heritage the most.

I am thankful for everyone coming and joining the experience. See you next year or any time you feel to continue.

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