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Jewish Summer Fest 2016

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Jewish Summer Fest 2016

The Jewish Cultural Festival in Budapest between 04-11 September is a multicultural event full of amazing programs, great opportunity to get closer to Jewish culture, reflecting the effort made continuously to the revival of Jewish life and culture today in Hungary.
There are more and more venues from year to year including the famous Great Synagogue in Dohány Street, the Rumbach Street Synagogue, the Goldmark Hall, the Bethlen Square Synagogue, the Hegedűs Gyula Street Synagogue, the Hunyadi Square Synagogue, the Liszt Music Academy or even the Zwack Museum awaiting visitors with a huge variety of  programs: from classical music to klezmer and even cantor concerts, dance, book fair, film screenings, photo and fine arts exhibitions, gastronomy programs and many more! You shouldn’t miss it! Why wouldn’t you top your guided tour in the Jewish Quarter with one of these events?

The full program can be found and tickets can be purchased here: zsidokulturalisfesztival.hu

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