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Skanzen life outside Budapest – be ready to explore it!

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Skanzen life outside Budapest – be ready to explore it!

Have more than one or two days to spend in Budapest? Why would you stay in the city if in less than an hour’s drive you can reach different worlds? The place I would like to recommend you now, is just outside Szentendre, the well-known touristic spot of the Danube-Bend tours. And it is the Skanzen.

In other words, a village museum, also known as the Open-air Museum of Ethnography, just a 30 minutes drive from the centre and an extraordinary place: most of its exhibitions are installed in the open-air to present folk architecture, interior decoration, farming and way of life from the 2nd half of the 18th century to the 1st half of the 20th century in the following Hungarian geographical regions: the Great Plains, the Upper-Tisza-region, the Kisalföld, Western-Transdanubia, Southern-Transdanubia, Upland Market Town and the Bakony with the Balaton-Uplands.

You will find original and authentic objects in relocated houses arranged in old settlement patterns and mills, barns, stables with live animals, cave houses, vineyards, and lots of interesting and entertaining museum programmes for kids and adults alike from candle dipping to leather processing.

You can taste delicacies baked in the Skanzen’s bakery according to original recipes, there is an inn to have Hungarian country dishes for lunch, a cellar restaurant for wine tasting and even a grocery shop to buy home-made jams or syrups among many things. The museum area is huge: somewhat 60 hectares of land but you do not have to walk all the way through. There is a Skanzen train service, you can rent bike, a scooter, or a four-wheeler pull cart for the kids.
Besides the outdoor exhibitions, the unique ethnographic Study Collection can also be visited: a transition between a store and an exhibition in a traditional sense. For art fans there is the Skanzen Gallery with contemporary art exhibitions, too.

So, traditions and festivities which used to exist long ago, become alive here to give you a pretty unique experience. And all this can be done in the duration of a half-day or a full-day visit, a completely different world just outside Budapest. I have been guiding some wonderful guests of mine here in the Skanzen recently. They loved it. Would you like to be the next?

For their event calendar just visit the web page: http://skanzen.hu/en

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