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A different summer

A different summer

The summer of 2020, after getting through the lockdown months of the so-called first wave of Covid-19, is completely different from the past summer decades.

All the changes brought by the virus brought me a summer similar to the ones  I last experienced in my childhood. Namely that there is no rush.

Of course, it took all of us some time to adapt to the new conditions and learn how to live with the rules and regulations plus the fact that I personally have to make ends meet from a much smaller amount since my guests still cannot travel. Neither can we. At least the places are much limited. And honestly, I don’t even want to. But then? Am I trapped?

No. Finally I have just started to enjoy exploring much more around me. Through the eyes of an imaginary traveller. I started to become a tourist in my own country. This time without my guests from all over the world but surely for a period of time of which we don’t know how long might last. I miss meeting new people. I also miss talking about the place I live, to share my thoughts, to discuss the things we have in common and answer endless questions.

Even the places I usually visit the most with my travellers look and feel pretty different now. The Budapest Jewish Quarter for instance feels so peaceful without all the pubbing tourism going on. Ruin bars with locals only. Unbelievable. No queues. Museums where I am the only visitor. Or my children and me. Social distancing even in the reopened synagogues. Empty walking streets. Cafés and restaurants still closed down, maybe forever. And the lucky survivors of the situation. Some could even extend, like one of my favourite sweet shops in the Quarter selling traditional Iranian delicacies. Yes, people treat themselves with sweets even during hard times.

My children compiled a list for this summer. Challenge yourself with a similar one and enjoy yourselves while taking care and stay positive till we can personally meet. Hopefully soon.

Summer 2020
-take dinner to someone you love
-bake something with at least 5 fruits
-read at least 10 books
-practice English and Hebrew every day
-fly a kite
-finally get proper licence and start fishing
-sleep in a tent in the garden
-sleep under the starry sky near Lake Balaton or the Danube
-pick lavender
-breakfast in bed
-take a photo from the hedgehogs in our garden..

And the list continues….

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