Tímea Tarjáni

Phone: +36 30 427 6699
Email: info@budapestjewishwalk.hu
21 Wesselényi Street (entrance from Nagydiófa Street)
Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Jewish Walk-Cross Cultural Spring 2015

April is one of my favourite months of the year. It is full of the long-expected spring buzz after the winter months, festivals of certain different cultures and religions are held all over the city. We can pick Easter, Passover, Sakura or even Earth Day of this period, there is one mutual point in them in my opinion: they all build community activism, broaden the base of support through a broad range of events and activities organised for these festivals no matter whether we take part in something cultural, religious or environmental. Different things are celebrated simultaneously around Budapest this month by people of

all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. It is just so lucky and cool to live in a place where you can live with the possibilities and if you feel like you can even try to be cross-cultural to have a glimpse in different worlds within your very own.

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