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Budapest, Hungary

Budapestjewishwalk recommends: the best fall festival in 2015

Budapestjewishwalk recommends: the best fall festival in 2015

The Hungarian word piros (red) and lábos (pot) together stand for the name of the event Piroslábos (Red Pot) Fesztivál after the very traditional enamel kitchenware you can still meet in the most typical red colour in many Hungarian kitchens.

Piroslábos has been the fall festival of Szigetmonostor, one of the charming small towns of the Szentendre Island in the Danube Bend, held at the end of September or the beginning of October, organised by the locals of the village with full heart, enthusiasm and the real wish to show current, vivid village life for all those who are interested in trying something new, something unique combined with the living history and traditions of Szigetmonostor. Its uniqueness lies in opening their farmyards and courtyards together with their hearts to invite visitors emerge into their lives for the day.

Cultural events, folk programmes, gastronomy all melted together with such a professional logistics you wouldn’t find in many events in the capital. Moreover, everything they sell from fruits and veggies to jams and pickles, delicious cheeses, handmade products, even the decoration is produced and made locally. Colours, fragrances, music, laughter: an easy-going way to spend a challenging day in an atmospheric place you haven’t been before. But once you set foot in, you are going to feel the urge to go back as soon as possible. For sure. They will make you feel at home in no time. Thank them.

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