Tímea Tarjáni

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21 Wesselényi Street (entrance from Nagydiófa Street)
Budapest, Hungary

Family Roots Tours

  • Budapest Jewish Walk cemetery Tolmács
  • Budapest Jewish Walk RIP pay tribute to relatives
  • Budapest Jewish Walk holocaust victims memorial Zvolen
  • Budapest Jewish Walk weeping willow
  • Budapest Jewish Walk ancestors heritage tour
  • Budapest Jewish Walk cemetery Zvolen

Family Roots Tours

Guiding “back to the roots” tours from time to time, I have experienced that as people are getting older, their family heritage, specifically their Jewish roots become more important to them. Be part of connecting people with their own past, finding the place where their ancestors came from, pay tribute to relatives over their graves or by visiting a memorial place, feel the pain of so much unnecessary destruction makes me feel melancholy but not in a bad way because I also experience that keeping tradition, giving on the inherited stories can help people find their inner peace. And that’s something!

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