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Fun in the Buda Hills

Is it getting hotter and hotter? Are you planning to explore Budapest with children in your forthcoming vacation? Go for the green patches! An always-winning tip is to check out the Children’s Railway-Cogwheel Railway-Chairlift triangle of the Buda Hills! Once you get to Városmajor, which is just a few minutes away from the very central Buda junction, Széll Kálmán square, with a single public transportation ticket you can get a ride on the so-called cogwheel railway directly up to Széchényi-hegy. Several small eateries and cool playgrounds await you on the short way to the terminal station of the Children’s Railway, an entertaining survivor of communism for visitors of all ages. It was built in 1948 and called as the Pioneer’s Railway during the communist era.

Children aged 10-14 have been driving the narrow-gauge trains ever since, taking your tickets and saluting you at the stations. You can choose to enjoy the full ride to Hűvösvölgy or take off at János Hill station to walk a little in the forest, check out beautiful panorama from the Erzsébet Lookout Tower and hop on to the two-way chairlift system, the Libegő, transporting riders between János Hill and Zugliget. The breathtaking views offered from the chairlift will make you feel amazingly calm and happy, so top your day trip with such a treat!

It’s a must, especially for transport-freaks, nature lovers and everyone ready for unique experience. When I have guests travelling with kids, I love combining some adventurous elements from the beautiful and peaceful Buda Hills with the buzz of the city to get a good balance and make the whole family contended. Give it a try!

For stunning public transportation-related Budapest city pics go and visit the blog of photographer Tamás Rizsavi: http://rizsavi.blog.hu

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