Tímea Tarjáni

Phone: +36 30 427 6699
21 Wesselényi Street (entrance from Nagydiófa Street)
Budapest, Hungary

Summer, kids, outdoor Budapest

  • Budapest Jewish Walk pancake
  • Budapest Jewish Walk traditional outdoor games
  • Budapest Jewish Walk ride the dragon of the folk tales
  • Budapest Jewish Walk Hungarian folk dances
  • Budapest Jewish Walk traditional pottery making
  • Budapest Jewish Walk visiting the firefighters
  • Budapest Jewish Walk originally decorated gingerbread
  • Budapest Jewish Walk first aid lesson for kids
  • Budapest Jewish Walk lollipop and smiles

June: finally it’s been summer time! It’s hot, getting dark late and school is over. Time to look after some city-outdoor fun with your kids. Apart from ending up in a nearby playground there are plenty of things to enjoy and try. Good news that most of them can be absolutely enjoyed even if your children do not speak Hungarian at all. So, why wouldn’t you pop in to an outdoor concert, folk event, art festival or even the open day of the firefighters? These events are mainly held in the centre of the city as vacation programs, they’re easily accessible, come up with various food and drink stalls and usually free. They can easily be built into any sightseeing program to make kids and parents equally happy. Last but not least, mixing with locals always give you the feeling of an insider. Give it a try once!

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