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The child-friendly Danube Bend

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The child-friendly Danube Bend

The Danube Bend is the perfect daytrip destination for those who are ready for the challenge to escape from the city to reach historic towns, beautiful scenery and untouched nature. The area, easily and quickly accessible in the north of Budapest, is an amazing recreational destination with the west bank cities such as Szentendre, Esztergom and Visegrád. If you travel with kids and you are also interested in eco-tourism and wish to spend a day or the half day of your Danube Bend tour in a different way, the Visitor Center and Forest School of Szendehely-Katalinpuszta is a great choice!
It is fun to discover Katalinpuszta’s beautiful trails all season long, great for hiking and much more. Even with young children you can easily walk through some of the shorter and longer breathtaking hiking trails, explore forests and meadows, take in the scenery and wildlife from various lookout points. Most of the educational demonstrations: pictures, puzzles, maps, the sounds of the forest animals through headphones etc. can be enjoyed without the need of understanding the Hungarian language. The open-air playgrounds, the forest railway, the educational forest paths with the great service of the forest restaurant is worth trying.

Why wouldn’t you let me organise a combined day trip with some sightseeing and fun in the nature? Try something new!

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