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Budapest, Hungary

Transfer to Budapest in a different way

Transfer to Budapest in a different way

Budapest and Vienna along with Prague are evergreen destinations of travellers spending at least a few days in each of these cities. How to get from one city to the other is a good question: you can travel by train or bus, convenient and fast enough but then you depend on the schedule and what is more painful: there is no possibility for a shorter or longer break, for taking some photos, a lunch in the countryside or a short sightseeing in a small town along the way. If you travel with kids, it’s even more important to have some breaks.

I have recently done a Vienna-Budapest transfer with a break in Veszprém for lunch and a visit to a Dino Park to make happy the kid-traveller, too. It worked out so well! We arrived to Budapest in the late afternoon, still having time to pack out and have dinner in the Hungarian capital. Just think about the possibility, it is worth planning your transfer a little more and make it unique and much more enjoyable!

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